4 Admirable Kitchen Designs With Classic Concepts You Can Try

4 Admirable Kitchen Designs with Classic Concepts You Can Try

Kitchen Designs with Classic Concepts is a design that is currently back in popularity and coveted by many people. The strongest reason is that this timeless design style always looks elegant, stylish, controlled, and puts forward a luxurious appearance.

4 Admirable Kitchen Designs With Classic Concepts You Can Try
4 Admirable Kitchen Designs With Classic Concepts You Can Try

You can easily find its trademark which is marked by the presence of ceiling moldings, arches, or pillars in the building, the form of furniture that tends to be ancient as in the royal era which is equipped with curves and sculptures with perfect finishing touches, has ornaments and carvings with distinctive details.

Another important factor that characterizes classic designs is lighting. In addition to relying on natural light from the sun, this style also considers several levels of light, such as the use of a ceiling chandelier that resembles a candle or something that glitters in the form of crystal.

You certainly can’t miss trying this style right. Try applying this style to your kitchen. Well, if you are confused in choosing a classic design that is very much. Here we provide a summary of Kitchen Designs with Classic Concepts that you can choose from.

4 Admirable Kitchen Designs with Classic Concepts You Can Try

1. Kitchen in Gothic Kitchen

A gothic-style kitchen is one interesting idea that you can try. Usually, the display offered is an elegant yet mysterious and slightly mystical atmosphere. Gothic interior design in the kitchen can be seen from the use of black elements or dark colors that are firm on the walls, floors, ceilings, and some kitchen furniture.

2. Kitchen in Rococo Style

This kitchen design style that was present in 1650-1790 emphasizes the asymmetrical aspect of its design, not only this style also uses a lot of curved lines with the dominance of gold elements and is identical to the shell motif.

3. Kitchen in Victorian Style

The Victorian kitchen design brings out a sense of luxury, grand, and warmth. Usually, the interior itself is identical with the use of intricately patterned ornaments such as floral and leaf motifs. The furniture is designed with luxurious carvings which are usually made of wood so that it looks elegant. While the colors used are identical to dark colors but still look alive such as dark red, dark green, brown, and beige.

4. Kitchen with Mid Century Style

Mid Century is a classic design that emerged and was popular from 1945 to the 1980s. This concept is simple, clean, and blends with nature so it is very suitable to be applied in the kitchen. Usually, the colors are used to absorb a lot of natural colors and earth colors. The main material that really stands out is wood. You can make it look modern by combining several elements such as metal, steel, iron, or glass.

That’s the idea of ​​Kitchen Designs with Classic Concepts. Hope it inspires.

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