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How to Apply the Right Color for Home Curtains

Home Curtains are one of the home interiors that you must install on the window because apart from being a barrier to incoming sunlight, curtains also have a function as an aesthetic decoration and enhancer in your living room. The room will also be more pleasing to the eye, especially with the selection of the type of curtain color according to the state of the room so that a room like a living room looks more beautiful.

How To Apply The Right Color For Home Curtains
How To Apply The Right Color For Home Curtains

The color of the curtains is one thing that you should not miss. This is because the color of the curtains you choose can affect the atmosphere in the room, especially if the curtains are placed in the living room, bedroom or interior.

You can choose the right curtains for your home. Starting from the type of curtain itself or a color that you can combine with the paint color of the room. Well, for the color itself, we recommend some interesting colors that you can try. Here’s an idea about Home Curtains colors.

How to Apply the Right Color for Home Curtains

First, try using neutral colors. These colors are safe colors to try. Starting from white to make the room look wider, black color for a strong look, gray color makes your room look beautiful, navy color to make the room feel calm, or denim blue to give a unique look to the curtains and make the room look bigger. style.

Next is the choice of colors with ethnic-style concepts such as wood brown for a simple but elegant look, or milk chocolate color to make your home look harmonious and beautiful.

The range of natural colors should not be left behind to liven up the room, such as yellow to bring warmth, green to bring a natural atmosphere, or blue to symbolize the colors of the sea and sky.

Pastel colors can also make the room look sweeter and more beautiful of course. You can try pastel colors such as beige which is easy to combine, rose pink to display an elegant and sweet appearance, Tosca which symbolizes coolness, tranquility, softness, serenade colors that will liven up the impression you will display in the living room. You, or the hazelnut color that is not excessive so that it can make your curtains less plain and boring.

Oh and don’t forget luxurious colors such as gold which seem suitable to get the impression of luxury and look classy, ​​silver or sparkling gray with a glossy appearance will also be very suitable for a living room with a minimalist theme, purple which represents the element of elegance and red maroon to give a strong bold and elegant impression.

Well, those are some of our recommended colors for Home Curtains. Hope it inspires.

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