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How To Celebrate Halloween Without Leaving The House

Celebrate Halloween Without Leaving The House seems to be a less fun activity for some people. But who would have thought, celebrating Halloween at home, wasn’t as boring as one might think? In fact, it will be more interesting if you are know-how.

How To Celebrate Halloween Without Leaving The House
How To Celebrate Halloween Without Leaving The House

October always ends with Halloween, which falls on October 31. Other names for this celebration are Samhain and All Hallows Eve, which are traditions carried by Irish people who immigrated to North America. Halloween is short for “Hallow’s Evening” which means the night before the saint which falls on November 1.

Celebrating Halloween is usually filled with partying using various costumes. The tradition of wearing costumes and masks comes from Celtic culture. They believe that on that night the spirits visit the living.

In addition to wearing costumes, some people who celebrate Halloween also have fun outdoor activities. But with conditions like this, we find it difficult to do outdoor activities. Well, you don’t need to worry, you can also celebrate Halloween with family and friends without stepping out of the house. How to? Let’s take a look at the following review.

How To Celebrate Halloween Without Leaving The House

The first is to make your version of Jack O’ Lantern. As we all know, Jack O’ Lantern is a symbol of Halloween. This item is made of a pumpkin carved in the shape of a smiling face, then filled with wax inside to make it even scarier. Lanterns, which are one of the hallmarks of this Halloween celebration, you can display on the edge of the window or corner of the room in the house to support the scary atmosphere in the house.

Besides Jack O’ Lantern, you can also decorate your house with other decorations such as replicas of tombstones, skull toys, and so on. But for sure you have to keep the light in the room dim, use candles or firewood as lighting as well for a scary Halloween atmosphere.

The second is about Halloween Costumes. You can use various costumes such as ghosts, or even your favorite movie characters, musicians, or athletes.

Next is to make a fun party at home. Invite your friends to party at your coolest decorated place. Have fun with your unique costumes, and share the candies you’ve prepared. Speaking of candy. Halloween is also synonymous with the game ‘Trick Or Treat’. Usually, some kid or person knocks on your door and you need to give him some candy.

Providing food or play or Trick Or Treat when Halloween was originally to appease the spirits roaming the streets. But now ‘Trick Or Treat’ is often mentioned by little children in cute costumes asking for candy or chocolate, meaning “Give us (candy) or we are pranking.”

That’s Celebrate Halloween Without Leaving The House. Interesting right? Hope it inspires.

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