Top 3 Stunning Room Designs with Mezzanines That Must You Copy

Room Designs with Mezzanines is one of the room concept ideas that you should try this year. Actually, the concept of a room like this is quite popular, but some of you are still foreign and don’t even know about mezzanines, right? For that, we will explain.

Top 3 Stunning Room Designs With Mezzanines That Must You Copy
Top 3 Stunning Room Designs With Mezzanines That Must You Copy

A mezzanine is a space created between two floors in a building. Where is usually located in the middle of the building wall or between the floor and ceiling? You could say this mezzanine is a solution to the problem of limited space because a room is given an area or floor, place, or additional functional space. In essence, the mezzanine becomes a bridge that limits one room to another.

Currently, the presence of a mezzanine is in great demand. In addition to saving space, a house with a mezzanine concept will look cooler than before. Its existence is widely used to take advantage of the height in a certain room. Not only that, but the mezzanine is also suitable for various additional activities that do not require full height to the ceiling.

The mezzanine design itself is very suitable to be applied to large-sized dwellings or even simple houses built on mini-land. Mezzanines are also known as open balconies because they are higher than the floor and connected by stairs, so you can use them as another room.

Now, about how to implement a mezzanine at home, that’s our job. Here we provide interesting ideas about Room Designs with Mezzanines for you to try. Let’s see the following review.

Top 3 Stunning Room Designs with Mezzanines That Must You Copy

1. Libraries with Reading and Studying Places Underneath

For those of you who like to carry, of course, you need a book storage area, right? Well, the mezzanine concept is perfect for you to try. You can use a mezzanine design for the library as well as a space for book storage. You can also put some chairs and tables in the room to support these activities.

2. Bedroom with Study Room

The bedroom basically does not need full height to the ceiling so it can be combined vertically with other functions above or below it. You can make the space under the bed a study room by adding furniture such as cabinets, storage shelves, tables, and chairs.

3. Living Room with Library

A design like this is perfect for parents who want to monitor their children’s learning and explore their interests by spending time in the family library. Where parents do it by sitting in the family room which is directly below it.

That’s an idea about Room Designs with Mezzanines that you can try. Hope it inspires.

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